Deep Run Retrievers

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  1. Not surprising that she ignores you when you are empty handed; would you put coins in an empty vending machine?

  2. Today I would judge people who get purebreds as individuals who like to plan their lives and think ahead.

  3. Say you’ve just been given a bad assignment by your supervisor.

  4. If it’s a hot day, your dog might need a cooling vest or bandana, such as those made by CoolAid (from $19).

  5. Once the initial dramatics are over, carry the puppy around the home with you, letting the cat intermittently smell its rear.

  6. We never managed to cure Ike of his fixation with food; and his leaping and grabbing merely morphed into quieter, more deliberate stalking tactics.

  7. Hes a very good doghousebroken, loving, smartand I have no reason to complain.But I thought Id bond immediately with this dog.